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Latin American Resource Center
The Latin American Resource Center was a group project for a class called Advanced Internet Applications. I was involved with the site design on a general level and created the "Friends of the Collection" component. I created this component using XHTML, CSS, PHP, a MYSQL database, and a bit of Javascript.
Information Form
This was a form I created for another project that will hopefully be listed here soon (transfering the site to a new server and redoing the databases). This form employs XHTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. The site emails your personal information to you.
Political Commentaries - REVISED
This is a revision of the next project listed. Instead of appending the user's analysis to the end of another html page, I used PHP and SQL to insert the data into a MYSQL database. PHP and SQL are then used to generate the log page of past comments.
Political Commentaries
This was my third assignment for my Advanced Internet Applications class. I designed a site in order to host a competition for the best political analysis of the Midterm elections. This site employs, XHTML, CSS, and PHP. The user enters in his/her analysis and then the analysis is automatically appended to another html page, to which there is a link. PHP also sends an email to the site's administrator (me) with the information entered. This was my own work. The map image was taken from a site called with permission from the site's creator.
Human Resources Management Blog
I kept this blog for a Human Resources Management class I took in Spring 2007. The basic style was adapted from an earlier project (Designing Websites for Elderly People). This is pure XHTML and CSS.
Job Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation
This was a project for my Human Resources Management class. I chose to do a little bit of research into the topic of discrimination in the work place based on sexual orientation. This is XHTML and CSS.
Designing Websites for Elderly Users
My Internet Applications class had both a final project and a final exam. Each of us was asked to take a topic within the field of Web Design, do some research, and present our findings in a hand-coded site using XHTML and CSS. I researched the topic of Web Design for the elderly, and this project became the chief motivating factor for my Master's Thesis.
Yiddish Culture Pathfinder
I created a pathfinder on Yiddish Culture as my final project for my Library Reference class in Spring 2006. This was an individual project and employs XHTML and CSS.