In 1948, the United Nations helped create the state of Israel, a land in which Jewish people could settle after the devastation of their homelands from the Holocaust. As this new nation began to take form, a societal shift from the Yiddish Culture to a new Hebrew-centered culture also began to take place. The music, the language, and the literature from the past was replaced with a newly constructed Modern Hebrew language, literature written in said language, and music that abandoned all of the melodies and lyrics of its predecessor.

In America, Yiddish culture lingered on for some time after Israel had been established, but by the mid 1960's, it was in serious decline and remained so throughout the 1970s. A spark of revival had begun to flicker in the late 1970's and early 1980's, and that spark has given birth to a Yiddish Culture Renaissance which remains strong three decades later.