There are several different courses of action elderly users can take to upgrade their hardware to allow for easier access to the internet. The easiest way to increase the size of the text on the screen is to adjust the monitor setting to an 800 pixel by 600 pixel display. This will increase the size of appearance for all characters on the screen, however many websites today are not optimized for this particular monitor setting. Users who adjust their monitors accordingly will have to scroll both horizontally and vertically to view the full contents of most web pages. Given what the literature says about excessive scrolling, this is not an ideal solution.

LCD monitor magnifier

Instead of adjusting the monitor settings, elderly users have two other monitor-related options. They can purchase a monitor magnifier that fits easily on top of their stock monitor or they can purchase a new, larger 20-inch (or greater) monitor. Magnifiers can be placed over typical projection screen monitors, though the ones for the LCD screens are a bit sleeker in appearance. The monitor magnifier displayed to the left is available at Ergo In Demand. A larger monitor may be the best way to go for the sake of simplicity, but it is also the most expensive option. Purchasing a larger monitor will allow elderly users to retain the typical 1024 pixel by 768 pixel display setting that allows for easier access to all of the content on a given website.

large print keyboard

In addtion to screen enhancements, elderly users may want to consider getting a large-print keyboard. As evidenced in the picture to the left, the letters on each of the keys are larger than is typical, thus allowing greater visibility for users with impaired vision. Such keyboards are available at SSP Direct and other similar companies.